Friday, April 01, 2005

Guest Room

Some of you know that AC and I got ourselves into a bit of a muddle trying to redecorate our guest room. AC's back went out when the room was only half done and my back wasn't up to much more than his was. You can read AC's account here.

I usually ask for Butterfly's help with decorating ideas, but seeing as this was to be a surprise for her, I couldn't do that this time. I shared some of my trials and tribulations encountered along the way with Iona over at Circles and Squares and she suggested colours and accent ideas that I really liked. So, thanks Iona for some great ideas, and thanks to the painter who came and helped us finish the job. I think it turned out really great. It is now a fresh, clean, relaxing, inviting, guest room done in shades of pale blue and accented with white. Quite a change from what it used to be - three white walls, one red white and black wallpapered wall, black furniture and red accents.

Butterfly was really surprised when she saw it and loved it too. I don't have anything on the walls yet, but these pictures will give you an idea of what it looks like now. Thanks for all your help across the miles Iona.




Iona said...

You're very welcome :)

And wow, that looks really great!! I love that little blue pillow on the bed. And the chair in the corner. Nice job, I'm amazed by your skills!
The whole room has this calming effect (which is quite good for a bedroom of course!) and it seems to me as a very nice room to sleep in.

There's only one thing that my eye is kind of missing... I don't know, but the walls seem a bit empty. I don't know if you would prefer minimalism over expressionism, but I think a framed poster or picture of a tranquil blueish seascape would perhaps be a nice extra?
Or better,... maybe one of your beautiful paintings like that daffodil Anvilcloud posted! Do you have anything blue-ish?

It's just an idea. I also have a large empty blue wall in my bedroom (though a lot blue-er!) and every time I look at it I feel it needs something, but I haven't found (or made) that perfect picture yet...

Cuppa said...

Thanks again Iona

Here are more details about the room.

The little blue cushion on the bed is a gift from a friend and it has a little saying embroidered on it
"Friendship is the tread that ties two hearts together." I thought that was nice for a guest room, and besides it is the right colour.

The bedspread is made from two spreads that my mother-in-law had. They were beautiful white heirloom spreads but for single beds. So, I cut one down the middle and attached it to the sides of the other and made a spread for this king sized bed. Looks good huh?

I painted Butterfly's old black furniture white, but I still have two more pieces to do. I ran out of time and energy to get it all done before Butterfly's visit.

The chair in the corner used to be dark brown, so I painted it white and covered the seat and back with white canvas material that has a thin blue strip in it. I also used the same material to make little covers for the bed side tables. Don't know if you can see that in the pics or not.

The blue cushion on the chair is made from a piece of cross-stitch that Butterfly's great grandmother did when she was a teen-ager. It was just the right colour blue and had a lot of meaning so it now has a place of honour in the guest room.

I put fresh pink tulips in the room for Butterfly's visit because they are her favorite flower. They are over a week old in the pic, but they still look good don't they? I love fresh flowers in the house.

I haven't had time to decide what to put on the walls yet, so they are really bare and lost looking aren't they? I have a series of watercolour trees that might look nice in there, but Butterfly also suggested that the room has a sea side feel to it and I should add sea shells to the book case and water theme pictures to the walls. How neat that you both have the same idea.

Anyway, I will keep you posted to what finishing touches I add as I go along. Thanks again for all your ideas. Keep 'em coming.

Cuppa said...
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Cuppa said...
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Cuppa said...

How can you tell I am having great trouble posting comments tonight??????

Melodee said...

I think I shall have to come and stay in your guest room! ;)

Iona said...

Hi Cuppa,

It's nice that you have things in there which are made by other family members. The room is filled with a whole lot of memories that way! That's a very nice bedspread!

Yeah, a sea side feel would be very nice. Shells are a great idea. You can put them everywhere, even frame and hang them.
You know, I once saw a small 'beach-theme side table' on a tv show. It was actually more of a flat wooden box on legs. It had a glass plate on top and the box was filled with white sand and all kinds of shells. It was a very nice idea as it suited the theme, but it was also still a functional side table.

It would be nice to create something like that... though it would also be a big job.

Well, good luck filling up the walls Perhaps you can paint a special painting for it?

Cuppa said...

Hi Mel
Any time! Just let me know what your favourite flower is so I can have it waiting for you and we will leave the light on for you.

karla said...

The room looks lovely. Very calming and peaceful!

How wonderful that you were able to incorporate so many meaningful pieces as well.

Seeing your room redesign has inspired me to get cracking with ours as well! I have such a difficult time committing to decorating ideas, especially a colour!

Cuppa said...

I have trouble with decorating too Karla. I can't picture the room finished like some people can. I have to get lots of input and ideas from others.

The guest room turned out ok, but Iona helped a lot with her ideas and the man at the paint store was a big help with colours and how they would dry on the walls.

One thing to remember is that the colour always dries darker than you think it will. I chose a colour that I thought looked almost white with a hint of blue on the paint swatch, but it is very blue now that it is on the wall.

Good luck with your decorating venture. I am going to start working on our kitchen next. Groan! That means stripping wallpaper, cleaning out cupboards, new flooring, new counter top, moving applicances - the whole nine yards. Help! Decorating is not my "cup of tea" but it has to be done, so onward and forward!!!!