Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Water fun at the Mill of Kintail

We ventured a little further away from home for our picnic on this day, to the Mill of Kintail, as it is one of our favorite places to picnic and walk in the woods.
We gathered up our fishing gear and headed along the path to the Stream Study area to see what we could see.
Danica was soon heading to the other side of the river to explore.
At first JJ stayed close at hand with his trusty fishing net at the ready,.
Then he joined sister in the deeper water.
The other day when we were here, we were the only people in the park.  Today though, there was a group of Japanese students doing a field trip here.  So we had 60 students plus instructors in the stream area with us.
The instructors were very nice to us too, and told us where to look for pond life.  The trick was to move the rocks around and look closely underneath.
I sat on a rock by the water's edge...
...while the kids went on the hunt.

Danica caught a water beetle...
but needed help netting a crayfish.
The capture.
JJ needed help too...
But eventually was successful with a little help from Amma.
He was very pleased with his treasure.
We put both crayfish in a bucket of water so we could get a picture of them before putting them back into the stream.
Those $$Store fishing nets have provided many hours of fun.  On our next trip we hope to go hunting for frogs.  Onward and forward.....

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