Friday, August 24, 2012

Andrew Hayden Park

We are making the most of the last few days of summer holidays with Smudge, and are trying to do something out of the ordinary every day.  On Monday we visited Andrew Hayden Park, and the kids had a blast.
Smudge had a solo ride...
But soon asked a group of children there if she could play with them.
It took JJ a bit longer to venture into the group.
Smudge doesn't hesitate to reach out and ask to join any and every group going.
After our picnic lunch the kids ran around pretending to be seagulls. The did a pretty good impression too.
We stopped to watch some Canada Geese peck through the grass for lunch...
Then explored some big rocks at the water's edge.
We stopped to watch a couple of gentlemen race their remote controlled sail boats...
...then continued on our walk.  Smudge picked up a little friend on the walk and mothered her along.
Next was a stop at the playground to get rid of any excess energy before heading home.
Buppa had to stand by in case they ran into trouble on the sliding pole.
JJ needed help reaching the pole, but once attached, he did just fine. 

Buppa ended up helping several other children who needed a hand with the tricksy pole.  What a good grandpa.

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