Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun at Riverside

The other day when we were at Andrew Hayden park a lady I met there told me how much fun her kids had trying to catch frogs with little fishing nets she got at the $$ Store. So, the other day before we took a picnic lunch to Riverside Park, we stopped at the $$ Store to see if we could get a couple of those nets.  We did, but the edge of the water near our picnic spot was too hard to reach so the kids tried to fish off the dock. 
When I turned around as saw this sight, I just had to grab my camera.  Too funny!
Here they are from another angle, and it still makes me laugh.
Memories from our day at Riverside.  JJ snuggled up to me at the picnic table...
...and Danica had a hug for Buppa.
We took pity on the kids the next day, and took them to the Mill of Kintail to give their fishing nets another workout.  More pics to follow...stay tuned.

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