Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little fish

The kids have both been in swimming classes this spring, and we finally went to see them splish and splash on Sunday afternoon

JJ is still not sure if he likes the water or not.
The teacher holds on tight while JJ gets a dunking, and he is holding onto her for dear life too.

Sister on the other hand is two years older, and she is thrilled about being in the water.

She had a dunking, and came up smiling, and ready to do it again.
JJ gets to wear a life jacket, but he is still not relaxed in the water.
He is giving it a valiant effort though.
Smudge grabs the flutter board and goes to town
JJ tries a front float...
...and puts his face in the water...
...but is more than pleased when it is over...
and he is able to sit safely on the edge of the pool again.
Sister kicks up a storm going back and forth..

and forth and back in her lane. 
JJ's class is then taken to the deep end of the pool and instructed to jump off the diving board into the waiting arms of a teacher. JJ was having none of that..
But agreed to step off the side...
into the arms of the teacher.

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