Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Installing the community dock

It was such a fabulous day we decided to take JJ to the park, and we lucked out because the town work crew were there to install the boat dock.  Oh how exciting for the little nipper.
We set up our chairs right by the water's edge to get a clear view of the men at work.
I'm not sure if JJ was more interested in the event on the water or his umbrella
I lost count of the number of times I had to open and close the dab-blasted thing.
We finally rolled it up, then set off to get a closer look at the crane.
We had to stop for a closer look at a bug or two also.

I think JJ is contemplating grabbing the umbrella again .
The crane soon caught his attention though...
...and he and Buppa had a great view of the action when the workmen attached the legs to each piece of dock...

...before swinging it out over the water...

...and lowering it into place.

Finally the piece was fastened into place and the chains removed so the crane could lift another piece into place.

We had to leave before the workmen were through, but we promised JJ we would go back so he could run up and down along the dock.

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