Friday, June 29, 2012

Last day of school

We arrived early on Thursday morning, and Smudge was all set for her last day of school.
Let's pose with little brother
Then let all our joy shine!

I think I'll choose a song to dance to before heading off to school
Off we go

Amma and her ducklings in the school parking lot.
Presents for the teachers
You rascal...pose for a nice picture with Amma.
That's better.
Now, let me go to greet the bus
JJ is enjoying the action too.  He kept saying "I'm so excited"
Time to give Amma big hug...
...before heading into the school yard.
JJ was upset that he couldn't go on the bus or into the school, so we took him on an adventure to the local farm store to see some baby chicks and ducks, then try out all the tractors.  He loved this set and it was only $200.  Yikes!
He took it for a spin around the store, but we left it there.
He greeted a lawn ornament or two..
...before heading outside to try out some more tractors.
Can we buy this one Amma?
How about this one?


Mary said...

Lovely pictures, as always, Cuppa. The kiddies are ridiculously cute. I have to say I was glad to see the last day of school roll around.

Ben, Laura, Brad and I are off on a road trip out west tonight. We leave at 3 a.m and are due to be just outside of T.Bay tomorrow night. We'll blog and keep you all posted.

We'll be checking in here, too, for updates on your summer adventures!

Love to you and Juncle.

Cuppa said...

Mary - Ah that last day of school is sweet isn't it? Yes, for students, but especially for teachers.

Your trip sounds very exciting. Brings back happy memories of our trip out west, pitching our tent in the woods North of Superior at Rabbit Blanket Lake and Kakabecka Falls; in Cypress Hills on the border between Sask/Alberta; in the shadow of a mountain in Lake Louise; and Jasper. Oh, it was wonderful indeed.

Looking forward to reading your blogs and taking the trip with you.

Safe travels