Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Second Day of JK

On Smudge's first morning of JK, we could hardly get a smile out of her while she waited for the bus, but on this second day she was having a grand old guffaw with Buppa.
Then it was time for a few quiet words...
before posing for a picture with the sign Mommy made for her.
Daddy had to go to work early on Smudge's first day of school, but he was able to see her off on her second day. They stopped for a picture by the front door before heading down to the bus stop. Too bad I didn't pick a location for the picture that didn't put the sunshine right in Smudge's eyes.
She met a little friend at the bus stop...
...and went to meet her little friend's great-grandmother, who was standing on her porch watching all the antics at the bus stop.
She soon re-joined Daddy on the sidewalk...
and waited patiently for the bus to arrive.
Again, she was the first one in line for the exciting trip to school.
After the meltdown JJ had the day before when he saw all the other kids getting on and off the bus, Amma decided to keep him at home, and sit on the porch for a while, out of eye sight of the bus stop. Yes, that worked much better.
We enjoyed a nice quiet, tear-free, visit while Daddy and Buppa took Smudge to the bus stop.

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