Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little Brothers...don't touch!

I walked into the kid's place the other morning and noticed this piece of paper taped to the kitchen table leg. I didn't know what it was so went in for a closer look...
Hmmm, what is the meaning of this?
I later learned that this was a drawing of JJ, and it was taped there to tell him not to touch the toy that had been sitting below it on the weekend. Before Smudge left for school that morning she again pointed to this picture and sternly told JJ that he was not to touch anything that had this sign on it. How creative and imaginative is that?

I must admit that I had a hard time keeping from laughing while I told her she wasn't to talk to her brother like that, and I would tell him what he mustn't touch during the day.

JJ didn't seem to be upset by it at all. He pointed to the picture at different times during the day and told me that it was a picture of him.

What next?

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