Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soakin' it in!

While JJ had his nap the other day Smudge and Amma found a sunny spot on the side deck for our story time.
We were soakin' in the sunshine and the hugs. Total fun!


Bernie said...

Happy Easter Cuppa.....:-)Hugs

Mary said...

Looks lovely!

Send some sun this way. It's been cold and rainy for days!

Happy Easter!

Lorna said...

ah, memories of sun.....

Cuppa said...

Bernie - Thanks for the Happy Easter wishes. Hugs and wishes are coming right back atcha.

Mary - After that mavellous day, Old Man Winter came back with a whallop and we have had snow, icy rain, and gale force winds almost every day since. Groan!

Lorna - the memories are fading fast aren't they?