Monday, April 04, 2011

Cool dudes heading out to play

The snow is almost all gone in our neck of the woods, but cold winds rule the day, and soggy grass is everywhere so I had to suit the kids up in warm waterproof attire for a play time in the back yard the other day.
It was a very bright day though, so sunglasses were needed.
I was surprised that they kept their glasses on for as long as they did.
Two cool dudes indeed.


Lorna said...

Very cool dudes. Sarah and I were shopping for kids' sunglasses on Saturday---they make them cute nowadays. Julia wanted leopoard print or the ones with the lift-up reflective second lenses. Emma wanted pink or purple, rhinestoned. Fantastically, we found them

Cuppa said...

Lorna - they sure do make 'em cute this year. Sha and I were shopping the other day and I saw some that came all packaged up in a little plastic purse with matching hair clips. They just might find their way into an Easter basket this year.

Mary said...

I'm so ready for spring. No more winter coats!

Cute pictures, as always, Cuppa.

Love to you all.