Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Party

The Princess was all crowned and ready to party when we arrived for the festivities.
She was happy to show Buppa how old she was.
Then it was time to open some presents.

She actually took time to open the cards this year...
before she got into the gifts.

Amma was called on to help with some of the ribbons and bows...
and JJ helped too.
Smudge is really into princesses right now, so many cards and gifts followed that theme. Below we see her with a new blanket for her bed.
Amma was crowned during the party, and JJ thought that was just fine.
The Birthday Girl thought Buppa needed a crown too, so she set to the task of making him a very unique one.
Soon it was time for cake.
What fun to light the candles and sing...
then blow the candles out. Little brother was a big help with that job.
After cake it was back to the important job of...
playing with some new presents.

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Bernie said...

What a beauty and I love the princess theme......:-)Hugs