Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Luna Pie Is having a baby

Cute little Luna Pie is expecting a baby in January, so her friends threw her a surprise shower on the weekend. How neat that we happened to be in Toronto at the same time so were able to attend and give her a big hug, and her tummy a pat or two.
Baby Jinu was pretty quiet though, so he didn't pat back to say hello. I guess he thought that the shower was just a girl thing and he would sleep right through it.

Mommy and Grandma are pretty excited about this baby and this Auntie is too. See the nursery that Grandma Turtlestack created here.


methatiam said...

I have to agree, a baby shower is best slept through

luna pie said...

Thank you sooooo much for coming, and for your generous gifting, and as always for your warm words!

I love you!