Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Weekend

Oh, isn't this new look great? Thanks AC!

We are a bit weary, but home safe and sound from our Winter Weekend visit with family in Peterborough and Toronto. The roads were clear and dry for the trip down and back, but we were treated to beautiful winter scenes at my brother's country retreat, as they had lots of snow fall before we got there. The view from every window was fabulous to say the least.

This was taken from the bedroom window just before breakfast. You can't really see it on this picture, but we had been treated to such a heavy frost during the night, all the trees were coated with ice and sparkled in the sunshine. It was quite beautiful. When I walked past the master bedroom I saw cute little new addition to the family all curled up in "mom's" PJ's. It looks like she is settling in nicely and being treated like royalty.
This is my dear brother with his "babies". Star - the new girl - is on his lap, and Oliver is standing guard beside the chair. All three furry beings are cute huh?
We had a nice Winter Weekend, and it looks like we brought the snowy weather home with us. Oh joy! I love the snow, so bring it on I say.

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