Sunday, February 17, 2008

Winter Holiday

We are home from our Winter Holiday, and although it is always sad to leave Riverwood, I am very happy to be home. It is nice to go away, but there is no place like home sweet home and my own bed.

We travelled up to the farm on a rather snowy day so we had dull skies and wet roads along the whole route. It was pretty in its own way though and I took a few pics from the car window to try to capture the mood of the day.
The Kawartha Lakes District is beautiful in any weather.

Even though we were treated to cloudy skies on our travel day to the farm, the sun shone brightly the next morning and this scene was the gift I received when I looked out the kitchen window while waiting for the coffee to drip into the pot. I felt like bursting into song - Oh what a beautiful morning!

After breakfast it was time to strap on the snowshoes and go for a walk in the woods. Oh joy! The trees were heavy with fresh snow and it was breathtaking to blazed new trails along old paths in this winter wonderland.

This view of the river through the trees at one point along the path, made me stop for a second look. I couldn't capture the total beauty but hopefully this pic gives you a little taste of the winter splendor that surrounded us.
After our cold walk, we had a heartwarming visit with The Tuckers back at the old farmhouse, and whiled away the afternoon catching up on all their news. When night closed in we made steaming mugs of hot chocolate to wrap our hands around, while we wrapped our minds around a good book. Yes, it was a perfect winter day in the country.

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ChrisB said...

Beautiful scenery.Glad you had a good time. I know exactly what you mean about getting back to the comfort of ones own bed!