Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Going to the....

AC posted a blog about Barney last week and you must read that story here if you haven't already. Barney was a sweet and lovable dog and it makes me sad to think that someone might have abandoned him on that snowy day in the country. The farm is on 120 acres of land, and Barney was heading for the river and the deep woods when we just happened to see him struggling to get down the drive. As you can see in the picture above he could barley keep his nose above the deep snow. If we hadn't called him over to the side door and brought him into the house there is no telling where he would have ended up.
Once inside, he made himself right at home. As soon as we sat down he wanted up on our laps, or snuggled in close beside us on the couch. He whined at the window when AC went out looking for his owners, and wagged his tail joyfully when we went for a ride in the car to Nice Local Lady's house.

Surely he got out on that cold snowy day by accident and is now back with his owners. I will try to keep track of his progress and let you know the rest of the story when we know it. The dogs in our family are honored members of the family and are treated like gold, so it is hard for us to even imagine that someone isn't missing this beautiful dog.

Speaking of dogs in our family, here is a picture of BIL with his two dogs Zeus and Elu. They love to run in the woods while we go on our snowshoe/photo walks. We think of them as our dogs too.
My brother also has two dogs Oliver and Charlie. Charlie, the black dog is the older of the two and has lost the use of his back legs. He is not in any pain, but he can't get around without help. Brother and SIL lovingly lift him on and off the couch, up and down stairs, and over to his food dish. He can drag himself around on the hardwood floors for short distances, but outdoors is a real struggle for him so....
SIL bought him a custom made doggy wheelchair! Here is brother dear strapping him into the contraption for a potty break outside. Charlie doesn't mind being strapped in at all, and wags his tail happily when he knows that it is time to go out for a short walk.
I didn't do a great job with this video, but it gives you a brief look at Charlie on the move. Now that is a loved dog.

We love dogs and consider all of the above as "our dogs" but this guy rules the roost at our house and would NOT appreciate a four legged creature of the canine kind being allowed through our front door.
Wk 1 Framed
Don't worry Rockster your quiet patch in the sun won't be disturbed by barking anytime son.


ChrisB said...

I read Barney's story and have been wondering about him ever since, so I do hope you get news of him.

That little wheelchair is amazing~ such a good idea.

Pets are definitely part of the family as far as I'm concerned.

Cathy said...

What a gorgeous picture of Rockster.

Tell you what, though: your brother is a gem. That video is so sweet and tender - the way he looks after his little friend.

I sure know what you mean about your attachment to these fur-kids.

Very special.