Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snowy Morning

Let me share just a few more pics of our trip to Riverwood. I know our kids in Korea will enjoy them if nobody else. Being at Riverwood for a winter holiday is like being in a postcard at times. This snowy morning being one of them.

Can you believe this view? This is what I saw when I rolled over in bed and looked out the front window. Glorious huh?
Once my feet hit the floor, I made a beeline for the kitchen to put on the coffee. On the way there I stopped to take a peek out the side window. Oh my, the car needed some help to see daylight, but we didn't and thoroughly enjoyed the winter day. What a beauty.
AC posted a night shot of the red shed behind the car, taken from the back porch, in his blog this morning. Night or day, we were gifted with beauty each time we looked out a window.

I have to look a bit harder for it here at home, but the sun is shining on fresh fallen snow just outside my bedroom window here this morning and it is a beautiful winter day. I think we should take coffee to the park this afternoon and see what is happening down there. Maybe I'll get a picture or two to post tomorrow.

In the meantime here are a few more pictures of our walk at Riverwood last week. Enjoy.

AC looking for photo opportunities.

Brian setting off with his camera and tripod over his shoulder.
Man and beast enjoyed the walk

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