Monday, September 25, 2006

Reading Assignment

I picked up the mail last week and noticed a magazine sticking out of the pile of envelopes. It was Bug's first copy of the McMaster Times, her university alumni magazine. On that particular day, I didn't know where she was in Thailand, and my heart was in a bit of a tizzy wondering if she was ok. I stood at the kitchen counter and absentmindedly leafed through the magazine,while my mind drifted across the miles to meet my heart somewhere in southeast Asia. This quote jumped out at me and halted my absentminded perusal.

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
St Augustine

I was grateful that Bug had taken this world travel book in hand, and was making an effort to read the whole thing, I just wished she would stop every now and then and let me know what chapter she was on! Where in the world was she?

She has since blogged about her current reading, so I now have a bookmark on that page and will be able to rest easy for awhile. Thank goodness! The girls even called home on Friday night, or should I say early Saturday morning. I was a bit groggy and disoriented when I answered the phone but it was soooo good to hear Bug's voice and share Puff's enthusiasm over the phone lines. They both sounded healthy and on-top-of-the-world happy. How neat that I could speak to them across all those miles. Thank you Mr. Bell.

Lulu and El made a return visit to our house on the weekend and breezed in the front door on a gust of wind full of stories and laughter. What a week they had and what tales they have to tell. We enjoyed hearing many of the stories first hand and having our house filled with their high spirits during the telling of them. They thumbed through many pages of the world's travel book last week and had a blast. Keep an eye on Sass's blog for pics.

I hope you have a chance to pick up the travel book and read a few pages from time to time this fall. Such a pretty time of year for "reading"


Granny said...

I'll drop in again and say hi to them.

Granny said...

I had our kinfolk mixed up but I said hi and Happy Birthday to Tyson anyhow.

Since they don't know me from Adam's off ox that should confuse them utterly.

Granny said...

YOUR kinfolk. I must have dribbled something on the "y" key. It's been doing that all day.

luna pie said...

Ok! The blog is up! Thanks again for all of your maps - and of course, midnight cups of tea!


methatiam said...

Mid-October, I'll be posting about our vacation. call it a brief sojourn on the footnote of the next page.

Maya's Granny said...

So good to hear that the girls are ok. Now you can relax and enjoy the autumn.
I tried to leave a comment for AC, but something was not working. Tell him for me, if you don't mind, that I'm glad.

Cathy said...

Cuppa! I spelled 'Kooser' wrong - sheesh - my poor brain. It's Ted 'Kooser' :0) It occurs to me that his can be a much more shadowed view - so if you're a little 'down' stay with Mary Oliver. Some of Kooser's images though( I remember something about prarie lightning 'walking on stilt legs') is wonderfully evocative.