Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thelma and Louise? No!

Lulu and El, is what we will call these two gorgeous gals. Heather, my sister, on the left and Sarah, her daughter, on the right set off on a road trip this week, and stopped in to visit us on their first night. We sent them on their way bright and early in the morning, and their spirits were high even if they were a bit nervous about driving through Montreal.

I love these pics we took of them the morning they left and thought I would post them here for the rest of the family to see. Don't they look happy? I am sure they are having a grand and glorious time.

Have fun girls. See you on Saturday.

Love and hugs from one and all.


marmalade said...

those are fantastic pics.

i can't wait to hear about all of their adventures.

Turtle Guy said...

Hey, look! Reruns! Didn't I read this over at the Sasafrass Tree?

I've been a reader of Raindrops for some time and noticed your comment at... I think it was Heather's, not sure... anyway... just popping by to complete the family rounds!

Have a rainbow day!
(that was a bumper sticker, wasn't it?)

sare said...

well well, who are those hot mammas? we are back!!! a great BIG travel blog is in order...