Sunday, September 17, 2006

September Hello

It is a cool rainy morning in September and just seems like the perfect time to open the laptop and let my fingers do the walking over the keys for awhile. It is past time to check in with all of you out in blogland that is for sure. Sorry I have been away for so long, but while the sun was shining I had to be out in it, not bent over my laptop. In between busy times with company and fun in the sunshine, I managed to read a ton of books, pedal a few klicks, fill up a pen and ink journal, do a tour of duty at the local music festival, go camping at Riverwood, and wonder of wonder, even spend some quiet time where the wood drake rests .

The summer is now history, fall is moving in to stay for awhile and I am loving the change in the weather. Cold nights and cool days are such a treat after the heat of summer aren't they? Leaves are starting to change, geese are flying overhead and we are enjoying the biking trails on every sunny day we are given. Snow will start to fly before we know it, so we have to get out on the bikes while we can.

With the busy summer behind us, it is now time to get back into a routine, and that will be nice after the lack of same all summer.

AC has kept you posted on our comings and goings over the past few months, so I won't try to go back and fill in too many details of all the time I missed writing about, but must add a few...

Violin Lessons - huge hug to AC for following his dream and picking up the violin again. I think it is great. Too bad we got rid of his old violin last year, but I guess he is right and it wouldn't have survived all those years in the heat and cold of the attic. Oh the attic! Do you remember that story? Here and here . Makes me shudder just to think about it again. (By the way, the attic in our new home doesn't have a thing in it, and it WON'T!) Anyway, back to to the violin. The new one looks great and sounds good. AC plays it everyday and I am impressed with his progress and enthusiasm.

Let me stop here to say just one thing about his enthusiasm. As a result of something that happened last week, I had to put my foot down and issue a house rule. "NO PRACTISING AFTER MIDNIGHT!" Yes midnight! Can you believe that?

I was rather tired one night last week, so toddled off to bed around 10pm. I was blissfully sawing logs by 10:30 but was rudely awakened at 12:15 guessed it, sounds of the violin bombarding up the stairs from the basement to the bedroom. It took me a few seconds to process the sound and when I looked at the clock I couldn't believe my eyes. It was after midnight and AC was in the basement playing the violin. Good grief!

I rolled over and tried to block the sound with my pillow, but that didn't work. I was just about to get up and stomp down the stairs to see what the heck was going on, when the music stopped. Ah, peace and quiet at last. Well, not for long. The next thing I knew AC was following the music up the stairs and he was whistling! Yes whistling!!!!!!! He was happy, happy, happy and just bursting with the joy of the music he had been playing, and he was whistling. Whistling! I met him in the hallway with an incredulous look on my face and it was only then that he realized that I could hear the music up in the bedroom. I then pointed out to him that is was almost 1am and he was whistling. Whistling!! He didn't even realize he was doing that.

I dragged myself back to bed and thankfully peace and quiet ruled for the rest of the night, well except for a few bursts of uncontrolled laughter, all was quiet. Sheesh! No practising or whistling after midnight, and that's final!

Well, the morning is brightening up and the sun is peeking through at last, so I will end this update here and head out for a bike ride. I will be back soon to continue this "catch up" blog.

It has been nice talking to you again. Enjoy the sunshine today, get out and walk in it every chance you get.


Gina said...

Nice to see you back, Cuppa!

We had some really nice weather for a couple of days, but the next few are going to be very hot.

Granny said...

Our weather can't make up it's mind either. Gina is further south than I but we've had some cool days. Even 80 seems cool after our summer.

Glad to hear from the distaff side. I was giggling about the violin practice.

Mary said...

you're back! yay!

Heather Plett said...

Hey - so good to have you back! I was just thinking the other day that I should send AC a note to tell you how much you were missed on blogland. But you showed up before I got around to it. Missed you! Glad you had a good summer.

methatiam said...

Oh, pardon me for interrupting, I had thought that this site was abandon. ;0)
Glad to see you back in blogville.

Cathy said...

Hope AC appreciates the gem you are :0) I love my precious husband, but vioin serenades after midnight? Luckily, his schedule requires an early morning. (And if he took up an instrument it'd have to be a tuba. Nooooo!)

Julia said...

great gotta admire his enthusiasm! I'm with you on this though!