Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Morning Commute

Busy day yesterday with lots of errands to run. Not my favourite kind of day, but I do like to get all my running around done on one day, so I pack as much as I can into it and hit the roads with my list in my pocket and my route planned out. Then, once my running around is done I am free for the rest of the week to write, bike, visit, read, - all the important things. I have one of those wonderful days stretching out in front of me now. It is cold and rainy and might even snow this afternoon. Great day to be able to stay at home.

John made hot cereal this morning and we sat at the kitchen table enjoying the apple cinnamon feast while we chatted about this and that and listened to the news on the radio. After breakfast we both toddled over to the coffee pot to fill our mugs and then it was off to work. Creamy coffee in hand we set off on our morning commute, John in his track pants and runners; I in my housecoat and slippers. He went down to his den and I ascended the stairs to my studio. As I padded up the stairs I was again thankful for the wonderful stress free morning commute we have these days. John is busy with his HTML lessons and I am in the middle of a writing project. On errand free days we work away on our computers until lunchtime and meet in the kitchen around noon for a cup of tea and something yummy to munch. Then after lunch, if it is a nice day, we hit the bike trails for a ride or go to the park for a walk. Everything about retired life is great but I especially like the morning commute.

During my working and school days I can remember walking to the bus stop in the pouring rain or blowing snow and wishing I had a car I could jump into and escape the horrible elements. Then when I got a car and had to drive through snow and ice and congested traffic, I knew that no matter what my mode of transportation, the morning commute wasn’t the best part of the day. All the rainy, cold, snowy, yukky morning treks I endured over the years make these retired commutes to work all the nicer though. If I hadn’t experienced the awful ones, I would never know how wonderful these retired life commutes are in comparison. Pure luxury indeed.

For everything there is a season and the key is to experience fully each season while we are in it. Find something positive about the one you are in right now and enjoy the trip through it.

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