Monday, February 22, 2016

Snowy day - February 2016

We have been enjoying a relatively snow-free winter, but that ended last week, when we had a record breaking one-day snowfall in the Ottawa Valley.  

View from the front door after three shovellings of the front walk. 

The snow finally stopped, and the walk is clear, but the pile of snow beside the walk is huge.

The backyard from the patio door.  The BBQ is almost lost beneath the snow.

Path has been dug to the fire hydrant.

Don't think these neighbours will be getting out their back door anytime soon.

Most neighbours pitch in and clean both sides of the driveway especially if they have a snowblower, but some make a line right down the middle of the drive, and don't take a speck from the other driveway.   This always boggles my mind.

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