Monday, February 15, 2016

JJ's birthday 2016

Time to open more BD presents
He decided to stand on a chair to make it easier to get at his big present.  He does love to climb
Very pleased with the card Buppa made for him
He took lots of time to study the inside of the card too.
A prized collection of real fossils
What is this tray for Amma?
It's to contain the mess from the dinosaur dig project.
Messy, but oh so much fun to dig dinosaur bones out of a piece of rock.  Scrape and brush, scrape and brush.  Ever so carefully, scrape and brush, and the bones will emerge.
Oh, I think I see something.
Later in the day when he took a break from his dinosaur dig, he came out of his room wearing this.   The fun just never stops with this creative little guy.

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