Saturday, January 24, 2015

Walnuts...who knew?

AC and I were out walking one day, and we passed this house that had a chair sitting out by the sidewalk.  On the chair was a sign reading - FREE - 6 chairs, 1 table, 2 leaves!  We knew that Shauna was looking for a dining room table, so we ripped off the sign, each grabbed a chair and scurried back to our house with them to get the car.  It took us numerous trips to fit the remaining chairs and table in the car, but we managed it, and here it sits in Shauna's dining room/kitchen.  Looks good huh? 
On closer inspection, the finish on the chairs was faded and worn, so I decided to try the "walnut trick" I saw on Facebook.  It really works. 

I had a bag of walnut pieces, I use in my baking, in the cupboard, so I sprinkled a few out on the table, choose a nice big piece and set to rubbing it on the wood.  It works like magic.  Just a few pieces of walnut, and a little elbow grease, and voila...
Here is the before picture. 
This is the work in progress.
Another before picture
Work in progress.
Looks better huh?
They are stilled scratched and dinged in places, but all in all look much better.

JJ thinks the table makes an excellent fort.
I had a few spots on my kitchen cupboards that were dull and worn, so I set to work on them with some walnuts, and now they look like new.  It's amazing!


Anvilcloud said...

It's absolutely nuts.

Lorna said...

It looks gorgeous. I think you should change your name to Restoration Sue.

Regenia said...

Wow!! I wasn't aware walnuts could be used for such a task!! Looks great!