Friday, January 02, 2015

Ringing in the new...

Happy New Year one and all.  AC and I rang in the new year in style last night with some good friends.  It was quite a change from last year at Riverwood when we had snow up to the rafters at the farm, and our celebration was all about wool and warmth.  This year it was nothing but glitz and glitter with not a speck of snow in sight.
Tree and guests were aglow and a good time was had by all

Frances looks relaxed doesn't she? 

I wonder what Helene was telling Ivy here.

Ivy's house had "magazine layout" beautiful Christmas decor
Guests gathered round the dinning room table around 11pm for a New Year's Eve feast.
There was plenty of room for everyone.
And lots of wine to go around.
At the stroke of midnight we were all ready with glitter bombs and noise makers.  AC had a noise maker with a mine of its own. What a hoot.
Helene had a wonky one too, and these crazy noise makers sent us all into gales of laughter. 

Too, too, funny.
I wish I had a camera with a faster shutter speed to catch the action here.  Helene is laughing so much she can hardly get any action from her noise maker.
Glitter bombs exploded all over the table, and a fine but fun mess was made.
This is kind of blurry, but a fun shot of Ivy getting into the swing of things.

No words needed here.
Good friends enjoying a NYE hug
Coffee circle friends celebrating in style

Audrey and Ray
Ivy and Al, the perfect hostess and host.
NY hug
Thanks dear friend for a fun and fabulous evening.  Let's do it again next year.

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Lorna said...

I am over-glitzed. I don't think that's ever happened to me before. Even on NYE.

Glad you had such a festive one.