Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Sparkliest Spark

Yes, our little sparkler became an official Spark on Monday night.  I don't think words are needed to comment on this series of pictures.  The facial expressions say it all.

Well, maybe this last picture needs a little explaining.  After the ceremony, goodies were on offer, and in this picture Danica had a mouth full of cupcake.  She wanted to ask me something and of course I held up my had and said.....don't talk with your mouth full.  When I looked at this picture this morning, I wondered what my mother's hand was doing at the end of my arm!   How did that happen?

Thankfully though, this is the injured hand, and it is almost back to normal.  The splint is in the drawer, and I am almost pain free when I attempt to use the thumb.  Onward and forward into my mid-sixties.  Always an adventure.

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