Monday, November 05, 2012

Can you keep a secret?

Well, a whole month has past since I last posted a blog. Sheesh! With sore hands and sprained ankles I have been on the injured list for a long time.  Things are starting to get back to normal though, and I am once again comfy at the keyboard.  Yahoo! 

I must thank AC for posting lots of pics to keep the family updated while I was sitting on the sidelines.  He also did all the cooking and carried many cups of tea and coffee to the old girl while she sat with her foot in the air and her hand in a splint.  Hugs hugs!

We spend about half an hour with Danica in the mornings while we await the arrival of the school bus.  She wants to run and dance, play on the computer or watch TV, but all of those things are off limits in the mornings.  We have a story time, and then try to do quiet things with her before her school day starts.  Easier said than done I must say.

Here we are playing a game that I used to play when I was a little girl.  It's called Can you keep a Secret?  She has to sit looking at me, and let me hold her hand, palm up, in my hand.   I then circle my index finger on her palm while singing this little song..
Can you keep a secret
Yes or no?
If you laugh or if you smile
you can't keep a secret.

She has to keep a straight face throughout the whole song, and it is very hard to do.  Here she is trying not to smile.  

She couldn't do it!  What fun!

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Anvilcloud said...

Welcome back, Buzz. It's a fun series of shots.