Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Amma

Lots of hugs and smiles were shared at my BD party on the weekend.
AC was still under the weather with this damnable cold bug we have both been fighting, but happily joined in on the family fun for the party.
D1, make a delicious lunch for her old mom...and then it was time for cake and ice cream.
As you can see from the picture below I was a tad surprised when I saw the cake.
It was the biggest cupcake-cake I have ever seen, and I am sure there was enough icing on it for two or three more cakes. The kids thought it was a pretty fantastic cake and soon got their fingers in the icing...the rascals. As soon as I got in the door they were telling me how I had a pink cake with a huge bump in it. What a hoot.
We lit the candles many times, and sang many renditions of Happy Birthday to you before we cut into the pink concoction.
Although the cake looked pretty, it didn't taste very good. Sigh! The bottom was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and the top was white cake with pink frosting. The chocolate cake was bitter and very dry, and the white cake was...hmmm...what was it...dry and....tasteless.

AC wanted to have a special cake for my 65th BD, so went to a new cupcake shop in town that guaranteed all natural ingredients. I don't like the BD cakes you get in most stores these days, with the oily, fake icing, so AC always has fits when it comes time to buy me a BD cake. When we saw this new bakery, AC thought this would be the perfect spot to get the cake for my party this year. Well, it sure was pretty, but we won't be going back there for another birthday cake....ever!

It was a very memorable cake, but won't be repeatable. Nope, not repeatable.


Mary said...

absolutely awesome looking cake. sad to hear that it wasn't delicious.

happiest of happy birthdays, sauntie. i was just over on Juncle's blog and i'd have to agree with him that we all are so lucky to have you in our lives.

i can't believe that it's been over 7 years since the first time we met at the farm. loved you from the moment we met.

much love, always.


Cuppa said...

Awh...thanks Mary. You old sweetie. You're pretty special yourself.
Hugs Sauntie