Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmakkah Cookies

We celebrate Christmakkah at our house every year, and D3 is the most expert Christmakkah cookie decorator in all the land. Even though the girls were only here for a weekend, D3 made time to decorate some cookies for us. Here we see her hard at work creating masterpieces on tiny ginger cookies.
D2 keeps her company at the kitchen table, and they work on a crossword puzzle together while D3 works her magic with the icing.
D3 loves doing this task, and it shows.
Below is a selection of Christmakkah cookies she decorated for Simon, my Jewish hairstylist extraordinaire! He loves getting this gift every year.
If you look closely you will see holly wreaths around a dreidel, a Christmas tree with dreidels underneath, a Christmas tree with menorah candles on it, candy canes and dreidels and two others that I just had to go in for a closer look at.

While D3 was decorating one evening AC jokingly said "I think you should make one with Moses parting the Red Sea while holding a menorah in one hand and a Christmas tree in the other."
Yes, she did just that! Amazing huh? Especially when you remember that it is on a tiny cookie!

She even did a couple of scrolls with Hebrew writing on them.
Below are the family cookies for us to eat on Christmas Eve.
If you can't tell from the picture, I am the snowlady wearing the fabulous green shawl and the string of pearls.


Bernie said...

What a wonderful gift D3 has, these cookies look almost to good to eat.....:-)Hugs

Mary said...

I was waiting for these pictures. We were talking about them last week and they are AMAZING. Wow.

Blown away!