Wednesday, December 07, 2011

New hair do

When the Aunties arrived on Friday night the kids were very excited to see them. After hugs were given all around, Smudge let Auntie Alycia give her a new hairstyle. Clips, elastics and hair pins were gathered, and a comfy spot was found for Smudge so Auntie could work her coiffure magic.
Smudge dutifully sat very still while Auntie combed, clipped, brushed and flipped her hair.
Oh, almost done.
Let's get Mommy's approval, and then pose for the camera.
Very pretty Smudge. Good job Auntie Alycia.


Mary said...

I love that hand-on-hip pose she has going! Too cute!

Bernie said...

Cuppa, so glad the ATeam were home and able to enjoy the children. They grow so fast, everyone looks great.....:-)Hugs