Thursday, November 10, 2011

When the cat's away...

...the mice will play.

On the weekend someone gave Smudge a bag full of dress-up clothes to play with. It was overflowing with purses, skirts, dresses, jewellery and other assorted fun things to play dress-up in. When we went over on Monday morning Smudge was doing a hula dance in a blue grass-skirt from the dress-up bag.

As soon as she went out the door to catch the bus, JJ, grabbed the skirt and wanted to dance in it too, so I helped him fasten it on, and went into the kitchen to tend to breakfast dishes, while he played with Asha.
When I glanced over to see what he was doing, I noticed that he had something draped over his shoulders...
and was having a conversation with Asha.
He looked at me and said "I'm a cowboy Amma."
Well, if you're a cowboy JJ, you need a cowboy hat to finish off your outfit.
He promptly toddled off to his room in search of a cowboy hat. He couldn't find one there, so he made a b-line for Smudge's room to see if he could find one there.

When I followed him there to see what he was doing, this is what I found. Yep, that is the perfect hat to finish off your outfit JJ. It even matches your skirt.
I couldn't resist taking this picture of him walking back to the living room. Goodness he makes me smile.
He went over to get Asha's approval, and was quite pleased that Asha liked his outfit.
When Buppa came back from dropping Smudge off at the bus stop, JJ modeled the thing that he had draped over his shoulders while he was a cowboy.
Who knew that it was the most elegant embroidered dress?
All this had taken place and it wasn't even 9am yet! What next?

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Lorna said...

I love that kid's open mind.