Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Buppa has started to come over to the kid's place in the mornings to help me get Smudge out the door and to the bus stop on cold wet mornings. Here they are having a morning confabulation on the front steps while Buppa stops to tighten his shoe laces.
Smudge waits patiently and chatters away about this and that while Buppa fixes his shoe.
Later in the day, JJ and Buppa prepare for and outing, and they sit on the stairs at our house to put on their shoes. JJ is at the stage where he wants to do everything HIMSELF, so Buppa patiently waits while JJ attempts to put on his shoes...
but is ready to help when JJ asks for it.
The confabulation continues, and Buppa sits and listens until JJ is ready to put on his coat. Then it starts all over again as JJ tries to do the zipper up by himself...and so it goes...round and round and round....chattering all the while.
My goodness the house is quiet when JJ isn't here.

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