Thursday, November 03, 2011

Some Halloween smiles

We were coming in from the store on Halloween morning when we ran into our neighbour and her dog Liam. It seems that Liam heard that JJ was going to wear a Tigger costume on halloween night, and he came over to commiserate. Liam was NOT happy about his costume, but JJ was all smiles.
Please kid, you gotta help me get outta this costume. JJ listened intently, but sadly he could not help Liam.
As you can see, JJ was more than happy to be Tigger on Halloween night.
Smudge was Belle, and finished off her outfit perfectly with her red purse. She stood patiently while Mommy did some last minute adjustments to the hem of her dress so she wouldn't be tripping on it all night. Tigger looked on and gave his expert advice on the alterations.
At last it was time to head out the door, and Smudge was beyond wound up about going out trick or treating.

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Lorna said...

Belle! that costume was made for her! Is she still wearing it? And JJ makes a Broadway-worthy cat