Monday, November 01, 2010

Over 200 by 7pm

Yes, I had over 200 treats and they were all gone by 7:03pm! Sheesh! We had hoards of kids and it was sooooo cold I thought we might not have many munchkins come to our door at all. Boy was I surprised.

I sat out on the porch and was all bundled up in sweaters and woolies, had a heating pad on the chair, and a hot cup of coffee laced with Bailey's in my hand and I was till cold when it was time to close up shop. I started handing out treats at 5:30, and the street was still bustling with kids when my treat bowl was empty at 7.

AC went over to the kid's place to take a few pics kids while I manned the fort here at home. We usually give the kids a book instead of candy on most occasions that call for a small treat. Little Elephant Smudge is looking through her new book with Daddy while she waits for brother to get his duds on.
Jboy is in no hurry to get his Walrus suit on and takes his time looking at his new book.
Oh, Buppa actually got Smudge to smile for a picture. What a treat to see such a cute little elephant.
Jboy is not quite sure what he thinks of his outfit.
Smudge is raring to go, but Jboy looks dubious.
Buppa gave out treats at the kid's house while Mommy and Daddy took the "animals" around their neighbourhood.
A good time was had by all I am sure.


Jinksy said...

Those are what I call costumes! LOL :)

Lorna said...

Me too! Both the elephant and the walrus look fierce!

Bernie said...

Oh I still smiling over Jboy being not quite sure, they are so cute.
I may have had 25 at my door, I really enjoy the little ones.
....:-) Hugs

Cuppa said...

Jinksy - I agree. No paper and bits of fringe to be found anywhere.

Lorna - you should hear them roar!

Bernie - He sure didn't want to keep the walrus hat on for very long. The tusks were a bit of a problem.

Doris said...

Very charming!