Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good morning hugs for Buppa

The pictures say it all. The kids love their morning snuggle time with Bupps!
Bupps likes it too.
Yes, Smudge is in this picture too. The rascal.


D3 said...

Woah....Dad's beard is so long!!!!! Is it always that long?? Maybe he's growing it along with his moustache for Movember (do you know about Movember? November has officially been dubbed moustache month - you can look it up). Or maybe he's growing it for Christmas to look like Santa!! Wish I was there to cuddle with everyone, too.

Bernie said...

What a lovely family....:-)Hugs

Cuppa said...

D3 - It is isn't it? He is growing it in again to see what he thinks of a full beard. It would be fun to get some white spray and make it Santalike for the season.
Sending some e-cuddles you way today!

Bernie - The kids do love their morning snuggle with Buppa.