Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Pea!

That's what Smudge is these days, Little Miss Sweet Pea. We had to make a trip in to the big city last week, so we took the kids to town with us, then dropped Jboy off at Mommy's work, and took Smudge with us to help us do our errands. She was a big help too. When we finished our "to do" list, we stopped at our favorite restaurant, Swiss Chalet, for dinner. We stood by the door waiting for the waitress to seat us, and when she walked up to us Smudge blurted out "I want some chicken!"
"Well you've come to the right place then" the waitress said and lead us to our table.
Smudge busied herself with the crayons...
but also took time to greet any and every one who passed by our table. She is such a friendly little soul.
Goodness she is growing up fast and becoming quite the little lady.
What a joy she is to take on these outings with us.

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