Friday, February 19, 2010

Patient Buppa

The other morning I was fixing my hair with a curling iron and some brush rollers when Smudge walked past the bathroom door and wanted "curlies" in her hair too. Once she had beautiful rollers in her hair like Amma, she wanted to fix Buppa's hair too. Jboy sat in his high-chair looking on while Smudge started to worked her magic with the curlers. First of all Buppa's hair had a thorough brushing.
Then she massaged his scalp with a magnet.
Once the curlers came out of her hair she thought she should add them to Buppa's head.
Patient, patient Buppa sat there and let her stick the curlers on, take them off and stick them on over and over and over again.
Later when it was time to do a ballerina dance she thought Buppa should wear the pink flowered headband.
Yes, patient, patient Buppa. What a gem!

1 comment:

Bernie said...

You bet he is a gem cuppa, hope he is feeling better soon....:-) Hugs