Thursday, February 18, 2010

Help you?

As soon as Smudge sees either AC or I near the kitchen counter she runs for a chair and says "Help you?" I am not sure if I would call it "help", but "help" us she does. The other day I was making a batch of muffins and she was in on the whole procedure. From measuring the flour to pouring the buttermilk to breaking the egg.
We had eggs, buttermilk, oatmeal and flour from one end of the counter to the other, and I had to dig some eggshell out of ht mix, but she had a blast.
It was quite a challenge getting the mix into the muffin cups let me tell you.
Once we got the muffins into the oven it was time for a snuggle to recoperate from all that hard work. Jboy wanted in on that action too.
Oh what precious times with these little ones.

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Lorna said...

what great photos! Hope the muffins settled down in their cups