Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was a quiet one but full of fun nonetheless. We had leftover chilli for dinner and scrumptious baked apples swimming in maple syrup and brown sugar for dessert. MMMM good.

After dinner we played a rousing game of Tri Bond, Trivial Pursuit and Mind Bender - all at once! It was a tad confusing but Lady Bug kept us on track and amazingly enough, I think I won! I am not sure though, that is how confusing it was.

After our game we donned our winter togs and went out for a moonlight snowshoe walk. The moon was full and the sky clear, so the snow stretched out across the fields like blankets of diamonds at our feet. It sparkled and twinkled with each step we took and was absolutely beautiful. We encountered one problem though. Because of all the rain we had the day before, the snow was covered in a thick crust of ice, which made it difficult for snowshoeing. We thought that maybe the crust would hold us without the snowshoes so we decided to venture out without them. Big mistake!

We got a fair distance from the farmhouse ok, but ran into trouble halfway around on our walk and kept breaking through the ice crust. Without warning, one leg would break through the surface and sink down into the soft snow underneath and we would be knee deep in the stuff. We looked like three very drunk people staggering across the field. We sure laughed a lot and had a great time. At one point we all lay down on our backs in the snow and looked up at the star-filled sky. Ahhh, what sweet memories we made.

We came back into the warm farmhouse and talked late into the night, or should I say early morning and then toddled off to bed, wishing each other a Merry Christmas. It was a warm and wonderful Christmas Eve.

We really missed Butterfly and shed a tear or two as that sorrow washed over us, but then we focused on the joy that was to come when we would see her after Christmas and set out to enjoy fully the moment we were in here at Riverwood, and we did. Butterfly called us to wish us a Happy Christmas Eve and we sent love back and forth to each other across the phone lines. That would have to do for now.

I hope you recieved love and warm wishes across the airwaves from your loved ones too, even if you couldn't be with them physically this year.

Have a Wonderful Christmas.

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