Friday, July 31, 2015

Helping make dinner

The kids came over one night for dinner, and I asked them if they wanted to help get the food ready for a BBQ.  They both jumped at the chance, so I set them up with plates at the kitchen counter and they went to work.
Danica is chopping onions for the burgers, and JJ is separating lettuce.
Didn't she do a fabulous job.  Lots of tears, but she stuck to it. 
Time to chop the tomatoes
Good job kids.  Thanks for the help


MARY G said...

The joys of kids who like to help. I have two generations of kitchen helpers, and when either the YD or the grandkid goes into cooking mode, I can retreat to the screen porch with a book and only have to be available if they can't find something. Lovely!
During her last visit, grandkid made crepes, pancakes, cake for her aunt's birthday and banana muffins. When she left I was cleaned out of flour, sugar and butter.

Regenia said...

Two industrious sous chefs, for surel