Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Gingerbread House

One day last week the munchkins and I put our heads and hands together to build a Gingerbread house.
The work crew
We all got in on the act adding icing sugar, candies and fondant.  This is a view of JJ's side of the roof.  He likes to see and make patterns, and his side of the roof is very orderly.  Danica on the other hand is more of a free spirit, and her side of the roof is a bit more free flowing, as you will see in a later picture when we put Santa on the roof.. 
We had a bit of trouble with the fondant, but JJ and I managed to get some of it to stick on the front of the house.
We had to stop from time to time to ponder what to add next.
Yes, the fondant was not easy to handle, but we managed to get some of it to stick and make grass for the front lawn, and light in the windows. 
The final touches were Santa being placed on the roof (note Danica's  exuberant side of the roof)

And the wreath was added to the front door.  Finished and ready to send to the kid's Christmas Party at Rosie's at the end of the week.

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Anonymous said...

It's adorable. :) and it looks delicious too!