Monday, November 10, 2014

Glad we made the effort

Monday of last week rolled around, and we had the munchkins come in after school.  We are still getting back into the groove with the kids, after our autumn holiday, so the three days we have the kids are more than a tad tiring.  We were all set to give the kids an early dinner at our house, so Dani would be ready to go the her Brownie meeting soon after Mommy got home from work, then we were looking forward to a quiet dinner, and a relaxing evening to follow.

When Dani was sitting at the kitchen table eating her dinner, she reminded us that it was her induction ceremony at Brownies that evening, and we were invited to the special event.  Oh dear, we had forgotten all about it.  It wasn't that we didn't want to see her become a Brownie, but all her Sparks events have been held in the local high-school cafeteria, that has the most uncomfortable seats ever invented.  The room is over crowded, hot, and has very poor site-lines for pictures.  We REALLY didn't want to go and sit on those hard benches for a couple of hours, with little to no possibility of being able to see what was going on at the front of the room.

When she left with Mommy, we told her that we might not be able to attend, and she was fine with that decision.  We just couldn't settle with it though, so we decided to make the effort, go and sit in the back of the room, take a few pictures if possible, give her a hug, and then leave early. 

We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the school to find that the whole Guide troop wouldn't be there that night, just the Brownies.  As a result, the room wasn't crowded at all.  We actually found a bench with a back to sit on instead of the narrow plank benches and tables the kids sit at to eat lunch..  Dani was super pleased to see us, and we could actually see and hear what was going on.  We stayed for her "Flying up" ceremony. took lots of pictures, shared lots of hugs, and were home early, so all in all, we are more than glad we made the effort.

Before the ceremony began she and a friend searched for their diplomas.

Dani found time for a few gymnastic moves while JJ looked on.

This child never stops moving.

Happy to be part of the group singing enthusiastically

Each girl in turn was asked to stand in front of the magic mirror/pond

They were then spun around three times....

...and finally asked to say who she saw in the magic mirror/pond.

She received her Brownie pin and salute from one leader...

Was presented with her Brownie scarf, and given a special salute and handshake from another leader

Then she marched back to the group a very pleased NEW BROWNIE

Time to pose with the Toadstool and Owl that has special meaning for every Brownie.
 I am very glad we made the effort and were able to share this evening with her.

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Regenia said...

We really don't raise our kids alone, do we? So many adults help by giving time, talents, support, etc. One very pretty and proud brownie!