Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Afternoon at the beach

Amma and Buppa's summer camp is in full swing, and we are keeping busy, busy, busy.  Yesterday we had fun at the Riverside Water Park in town.  First of all the kids went swimming in the river, and Buppa kept a closse eye on them, while I sat in the shade, sipped my coffee and took some pictures.
Buppa in the middle of the action while JJ splashed in the river.
Danica met a friend from school there, so she was off doing her own thing with her friends.
Sand and water....what a fun combination.
Buppa soon grabbed his chair, and found a more comfy spot to sit and keep his eye on the kids.  I stayed in the shade, but kept a watchful eye too.
After getting their fill of swimming in the river, the kids moved up to the water pad, and had a blast there.  It was hard timing when the buckets would fill with water, and eventually dump over, but JJ was getting better and better at it.
Here we see both kids getting dumped on.  What fun!

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Regenia said...

Sand, water, school friends. I assume they sleep really well after a day at camp?