Monday, October 01, 2012

Miscellaneous shots from the wedding

In no particular order, here are more random shots of the wedding festivities. 
Getting down with my niece Andrea and her daughter Francis
Shauna with baby Gemma.  Amazingly, Gemma kept that headband on for the whole day.
The cutest Flower Girl ever, posing with Amma
The A-Team looking forward to the festivities.
Sarah and Mike giving their speeches...and look what Jinu is doing the whole time!  The rascal.
Danica enjoying a chuckle...
...and clapping enthusiastically for the speeches.
Loving her cousin Francis.
Danica, Francis and JJ enjoying a rest after dancing up a storm.
One of the table centerpieces my sister made.  The picture doesn't do it justice at all.  The beaded droplets sparkled and shone in the candlelight and gave the room a magical feeling.  There were twelve table centerpieces like this, and six or eight bigger trees placed around the room.  My sister is an amazingly creative and talented person.
Just a crowd shot to try to get the effect of the trees
Sisters enjoying a hug after dinner
A quiet moment before the dancing begins.

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