Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Stewart Park

Danica is starting school today, but I have some pictures left over from last week to share with you, so here are a few to enjoy while I get my act in gear to another school year.
The kids conquered this mountain with great ease, many, many times during the day we were at the Park.  Each time they reached the top they had to top and pose for a picture...the hams!

Ahhhh, such a cute baby.  Only one week old, and the bow on her head was almost bigger than she was.

Time for lunch.
Danica was the first one finished eating, and she was eager to join some kids fishing.  She got right in the middle of things...as she usually does.
The boys with the fishing rods soon moved on, so JJ joined big sister at the water's edge, and they both threw leaves in the water while Buppa and I finished eating our  lunch.
After lunch it was time to climb another mountain...and of course, pose at the top

Up and down...
...and down and...
...up they went!
When we moved on, they found something else to climb.  Sheesh!
Then it was back to the playground for a few more slides.
This was such a fast slide JJ came down lickety split on his back on all of his rides.  I thought he might zip off the end of the slide and end up in the park across the street  when he reached the bottom.   He had no control, but he loved it, and went back time after time after time....zoom...zoom.   ZOOM!

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