Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cat in the Hat Birthday Party

These pics are from Smudge's BD party with her friends from school.  It had a Cat in the Hat theme.
JJ checked out the goodie table as soon as he walked in the house.

Lots of balloons decorated corners
This was for the pin-the-hat-on-the-cat game.

Time to pose in their new outfits.

Cute huh?
Amma and Buppa didn't stay around for the party.  We babysat the kids for the morning while Mommy and Daddy decorated the house, then we headed for the hills right after we delivered them home.  By all accounts the party was a big success and great fun was had by all. 

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Lorna said...

Yay!!! Amma and Buppa get the best of both worlds.