Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pleased as punch

Yesterday I shared pictures of JJ with his favorite new toy on Christmas morning, so today I thought I would post these of the Smudgster with a gift that brought a twinkle to her eye.
Oh wow, her very own make-up kit.
I think Mommy is telling her that she can use this (all except for the nail polish) all by herself.
In no time at all, she and Mommy were digging in to see all the goodies.
Every time I looked over at Smudge during the day, she had this kit on her lap, and she was either combing her hair, putting lipstick on, touching up her eye-shadow, or slathering cream on he hands. Oh my, and she is only four!

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Bernie said...

She is going to be a real girly girl. My niece is the same and I have so much fun with her.....Hugs