Thursday, December 18, 2008

Play Time

E and his Mommy came over for a Play Date this week and lots of fun was had by all.

Cookies and milk were on the menu - Yum!
It wasn't the most relaxing morning for E's Mommy. She had to balance her coffee cup and two kids. Sheesh!
Wouldn't you love to get at that tree E?
Let's pretend we want to play on the bench, and when Mommy and Grandma aren't looking we'll will make a run for the tree.
Who me? I wouldn't dream of getting into mischief.
Let's have a little nap before the big caper.
I can't sleep. How about you?
Nope, I just can't get comfy and doze off.
Oh dear, it's time to go home. We'll have to plan the tree caper for next time.


Anvilcloud said...

You're so creative, making it into a neat little story.

Unknown said...

Oh, they are adorable! The pretend sleep ones are my favs. Too cute!! Thanks for sharing. We`ll try for more pics next time!