Saturday, December 27, 2008

In Her Glory

AC posted a blog about D3 and her marvelous creations here. As you can see from this photo she was in her glory surrounded by cookies, coloured icing, sprinkles, sparkles and sprackles. She had a blast decorating Christmas cookies, and we enjoyed watching her have so much fun.
Here she is working on the Christmas Elf collection. This was just one of the many themes she worked on that day. Each cookie was a work of art.

On the left in this picture are the Place Card cookies for the dinner table. The family photo gallery is on the right. She really did get a good likeness of each of us.
The only problem with these most remarkable cookies is that they look too good to eat. Eat them we must though, and they are delicious. I think it is all the extra love that goes into the decorating of them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mom! I just ate the last of the cookies and christmas treats you guys sent home with us! I'm already thinking about new cookie designs for next year. Sorry we got you sick! At least you have already eaten your delicious turkey dinner and could taste every bite. Miss you and love u lots! love, D3

luna pie said...

Oh my gosh! Those are ammmmazing! :)

Cuppa said...

D3 - I am already starting to feel better, so I didn't get a huge dose of the cold germs. Maybe the delicious cookies helped me fight the bug.

Sare - They are amazing aren't they? D3 did an underwater theme, space theme, Hello Kitty Theme, Elf Theme, Christmakka theme and ordinary Christmas things like wreaths and trees and snowmen. She didn't just put a snow man on the cookie though. She put two snow men, standing on snow, and tree beside them with decorations on it. ON A TINY COOKIE! Amazing indeed.

Jules said...

Wow, wow, wow! Amazing is an understatement for these cookies!

Way to go, D3!!!!!!! :)