Sunday, October 29, 2006


Country Craft Shows are a part of life in our area at this time of the year. Christmas is just around the corner, so this is a perfect time for craftsmen to display their wares and make lots of sales. Butterfly and I went to our local show last year and quite enjoyed it. I found unique gifts for people on my Christmas list there, so we planned on going together again this year. Well, life got busy and we just couldn't co-ordinate our schedules to get to the show yesterday. AC, bless his heart, being the trouper that he is agreed to go with me. Shopping is not his favourite thing to do at the best of times, and after the way he has been feeling the past couple of weeks, I am sure traipsing around a craft show was at the bottom of the list of things he would like to do with his paltry energy on this Saturday afternoon. Nonetheless, he came with me, and in good spirits too.

The show seemed smaller than the one last year, and we got there late in the day, so things were kind of slow. I didn't see anything that jumped out at me to buy for anyone on my Christmas list, so we left after a couple of spins around the room and decided to go to Tim's for hot chocolate and take it to the park. Yum!

It was a cold nasty day, and hot chocolate seemed to be the perfect way to warm up and make a little of our own sunshine. The rain was pelting down by the time we got to the park, but we sat in the car and enjoyed the rhythm the rain was beating on the roof while we watched ducks frolic in the river. It was quite nice actually. The hot chocolate was very chocolaty and it made us feel all warm and cozy while the rain did its cold wet windy dance outside. When we set off for home, we looked forward to settling in for the night. We treated ourselves to nachos and dip for an appetizer follow by a steaming bowl of turkey stew for dinner. Not gourmet stuff, but delicious nonetheless. I then curled up under a blanket and read until my eyes were bleary. Around 10pm I made the rounds to change all the clocks in the house, then I toddled off to bed. Mmmm, it was such a nice way to spend a cold rainy evening.

Hope you managed to make your own sunshine yesterday too, and finished off the day in a warm cozy spot.


Cathy said...

Cuppa, sounds like a perfect day to me. Tell you what: that Anvil Cloud is a 'keeper'. My beloved is so hyper there is positively no way he'd shadow me through a craft show. I'm not so sure he could sit still long enough for the hot chocolate either. I love the way you two make sunshine.

Maya's Granny said...

I'm so glad that AC is feeling better and the two of you can get out and do fun things. I love watching ducks, and from the car with the rain on the roof sounds like a lot of fun.

karla said...

I can't tell you how often Mark and I do the same thing - a trip to Tim's and a car ride down to the water to watch the world go buy. It's just so...peaceful.